Undersong Tasmania: Aromatic Mist
Undersong Tasmania: Aromatic Mist

Undersong Tasmania: Aromatic Mist

Introducing Tasmanian aromatic mists: Complex blends of leaves, flowers, grasses, barks, resins and fibres. 
Foraged from the back roads, gardens and wild places of Tasmania, distilled individually in a copper still 

Two seasonal place-based collections
Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter

Mist the face, hair and body for hydration and rejuvenation
Spray on pillows or linen to recapture an authentic sense of place. 
Use with a humidifier, no need to add water. 

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.
Store in a cool, dark place. 

Available in 10ml Spray Bottles, 
Triple Pack includes Echo, Glover Country, and Spring. 

Echo; Notes of White Correa, Oyster Bay Pine, Chilean Pepper Tree, Kunzea ambigua. Gathered from Oyster bay beaches and Swansea backroads. 
Glover Country; Notes of White Gum, Kangaroo Grass, Prickly Box, Sweet Pea, Patterdale Superfine Merino Wool. Gatheres from the ancient hillsides and restored gared of Glover Country.
Spring; Notes of Blue Gum Flowers, Fragrant Acacia Blossoms. Native flora gathered in Spring from Spring Bay Mill