OTHER Furniture: Moonah Chair No.1

OTHER Furniture: Moonah Chair No.1

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The Moonah Chair No.1 is an exploration of place, process, and people.


Its form derives from the principles that underpin the relationship between the made-object and the used-object.  In this sense, it is an attempt to retrieve functionalism from industrial technology in favour of something more valuable.


The crest rail is steam-bent from solid timber and, along with the hand-hewn spindles and legs, retains the grain structure of the plant from which the chair is formed.  While a refined object was the goal, no attempt has been made to treat the wood as mere undifferentiated material: it is every bit a chair made from a tree.


Joinery is by tapered through-mortise-and-tenons: a mechanism that self-tightens with use and respects the natural movement of timber through seasonal change.  These are then wedged and glued with hide glue, a natural glue that is reversable so that future generations have the possibility of repairing damaged parts.


The seat is hand-carved and exhibits the slightly inconsistent, uneven texture left behind by edge-tools, creating tactile interest as well as a surface that will burnish with use.  The chair is indelibly marked by the hand that created it, and its nature is expressed more richly each time it is used.


This is contemporary furniture that is made to get better with age, not worse.


Dimensions (approx): 410mm Long | 510mm Wide | 820mm High

Made from Hydrowood Tasmanian Oak
Finished in natural ebonising solution, linseed oil, and bees wax.

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