OTHER Furniture: Folds and Unfolds Table

OTHER Furniture: Folds and Unfolds Table

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The hand-carved surface of this small table is an experiment in texture, designed to radically challenge conceptions of tables as flat and smooth objects in every iteration.  The pattern resembles the folds of a piece of fabric, revealing different textures and colours from different angles, and inviting one to explore its tactility.


The under-side of the top is shaped with a drawknife, forming large, burnished facets from which light bounces as the sun moves across a room, deepening the sensorial interest of the piece.


Constructed with the same joinery principles employed in Windsor chairs, the undercarriage features a crinoline that braces the legs while simultaneously bringing them into eye-pleasing symmetry with the circular table-top.


This is a table for resting a glass of wine on while reading, running the fingers of one’s spare hand back and forth across its folds and unfolds; for daydreaming of something more poetic than flat pack furniture and minimalism.


Dimensions (approx): 630 Diameter | 430mm High


Hydrowood Tasmanian Blackwood
Finished with tung oil and bees wax.

Image Credit: OTHER Furniture