Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen
Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen

Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen

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First designed, prototyped, refined, remade and exhibited in 2000, Barcode Screen was intended as a piece that was both sculptural and functional. Revisiting this design more than 20 years later, McCusker says is like seeing an old friend again and remembering why you liked them in the first place.

Barcode takes as its inspiration something that has become so commonplace as to be almost invisible. Through manipulation of scale, a beauty that otherwise would go unnoticed is made apparent.

Useful in a myriad of contexts, the malleable footprint and random assembly of positive and negative throws light and shade with dynamism.
McCusker aims to design objects that are appealing on a number of different levels; pieces that are enjoyable to use and relate to, pieces that have a story and provenance. They need to be beautiful, functional, and perform the task for which they were designed, well.

The Barcode screen reflects this philosophy.

Materials: Tasmanian Oak
Dimensions: 2100 x 2400mm with a variable footprint

Image credit: Peter Whyte Photography.