Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen
Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen

Laura McCusker: Barcode Screen


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Laura has been building furniture professionally for over 20 years. She is a classically trained fine woodworker and cabinet maker with experience in boat building, fit-outs and traditional freestanding pieces. Laura McCusker Furniture was established in 1996, under the flight path, in Sydney’s gritty, industrial inner-west. Since relocating to Hobart in 2003 McCusker has continued to make quality handmade, individually designed pieces tailored to clients’ specific needs. Project highlights include work for MONA, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Design Tasmania and more. 



Materials: Tasmanian Oak and Rubber. 


Dimensions: 1800mm | 2500mm. 

This item is hand made in Tasmania and available for custom order.

Photo credit: Emily Dimonzantos, 2020.


“Living in Tasmania, I am acutely aware of the precious resource with which I work. The idea of buying a piece of furniture for a look or as part of a fad promotes the wider problems of our throw-away society. The limited availability of natural resources is an important issue in my design, and so I aim for a timeless aesthetic and ensure longevity through the use of the highest quality materials and traditional joinery techniques.”

–Laura McCusker