John Brooks: Always arriving, never here (tassels)

John Brooks: Always arriving, never here (tassels)

Materials: Cotton, Pearl, Latex, Foam, Homemade Clay, Rayon, Wool, Aluminum, Acrylic Paint
Dimensions: Variable 880(l) (including rope) x 200(w) x 160(d) mm

Moving into an indefinite lockdown, unable to plan anything in the future, I couldn’t find a reason to make objects. While questioning the purpose of making, I still had to teach online. I adjusted learning activities away from processes that require specialised equipment and towards techniques that could be explored with very few tools and accessible materials. 

This approach to my teaching practice filtered into my design practice and I began experimenting with slightly unfamiliar textile techniques such as embroidery, rope making and beading. This became a way to keep making and exploring without pressure. I could disengage from the idea that I was creating an object for an unspecified future outcome. The results of these experiments became modular components that can be configured and assembled into decorative objects that have the potential to be functional.

Photo credit: Emily Dimozantos, 2021.