Jane Bamford: Derwent River Ascidian Bottle
Jane Bamford: Derwent River Ascidian Bottle

Jane Bamford: Derwent River Ascidian Bottle

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Jane Bamford’s work is focused on local Tasmanian marine concerns and investigations sustained by her own observations, scientific papers and research. Bamford working with Dr Tim Lynch, senior research scientist at CSIRO, the Derwent River Ascidian Bottles were designed to create artificial Spotted Handfish spawning habitats. These extraordinarily beautiful marine invertebrates have been depleted by many factors including the introduction of the invasive Northern Pacific Seastar into the Derwent River.   

In some Spotted Handfish sites boat moorings exist where divers found old glass bottles lobbed overboard by yachties. These glass bottles grew algae and had slowly became habitat.  Bamford, conscious that she had been making clay ASH to replace ascidian habitat, the natural habitat, began thinking of glass and clay bottles and these essential materials in contrast to polluting plastics.
Having the glass bottles in her studio, Bamford began to marry these two stories; of bottles and ascidian habitat loss together into this handbuilt work, formed by sculpting small ascidian crowns and coiling porcelain one by one into bottles.

This work embodies a new dialogue on habitat loss and marine extinctions and the use of natural materials in offering hope and reaching out to the possibility of an important change in the cultural practice of our time. 

Materials: Southern Ice Porcelain

Tall: 320(h) x 110(w)mm
Small: 390(h) x 140(w)mm
One of two: 440(h) x 140(w)mm

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Image credit: Peter Whyte Photography.