Glass Manifesto: Murrine - Blue Lustre, Red & White

Glass Manifesto: Murrine - Blue Lustre, Red & White

Murrine; where coloured glass canes are cut and laid on their sides to expose their cross-section.
This work draws on Peter Bowles' European training and is part of a conversation with numerous other makers around the globe using murrine as part of their creative practice.

Bowles’ works are differentiated by their sheer mass and a palette of colours created through the chemical interactivity of different families of coloured glass giving rich and sometimes unpredictable hues. Extensive coldworking to the piece creates a totally uninterrupted view of the interior structure of the pattern.

The Murrine works formed the core of a solo exhibition at Glas Galerie Broft in The Netherlands in 2010 and are an ongoing project.

Bowles exhibited at Design Tasmania in the Glass Utopia group exhibition (March 2020). For the full Glass Utopia catalogue, click here. 

Materials: Blue Lustre with Red and White Glass

Low - 140mm Diameter | 130mm Height

Medium - 115mm Diameter | 175mm Height

These are artisan produced goods. Due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product. For details on current stock please contact us via email or phone (03) 6331 5506.  Please follow this link to lodge a commission request. 

Photo Credit: Peter Whyte Photography

“I’ve always held a deep regard for the commitment that makers make to understand their materials and process. I’m intrigued by the relationship between available technology, human dexterity and practical ingenuity. I’m interested in how these factors interplay as critical aspects of the evolution of contemporary craft and object making.” – Peter Bowles