Glass Manifesto: Caneworks
Glass Manifesto: Caneworks
Glass Manifesto: Caneworks
Glass Manifesto: Caneworks
Glass Manifesto: Caneworks

Glass Manifesto: Caneworks

Caneworks are a reflection on this and make the basis for a fascinating project for Bowles. Based on the reticello glass technique – a technique that has woven its way through much of Bowles’ practice. The patternation relies on the interaction of chemically reactive glasses and the palette that arises from these interactions. Taking it further through interplay with the differing physical hardness of the glasses.
Born out of Bowles’ admiration and fascination with traditional European glassmaking practices, combining this with a range of extraordinary materials (thank you to Gaffer Glass), creating an evolving body of work that is at last Bowles’ way of finding his own voice through the reticello technique.

Most recently, Bowles exhibited at Design Tasmania in the Glass Utopia exhibition, a Craft ACT touring exhibition (March 2020). Displaying the Caneworks complementary pieces; Murrine in tones of deep blue interwoven with silver.   

Materials: Teal glass interwoven with black and red.

Low - 110mm Diameter | 110mm Height

Medium - 100mm Diameter | 120mm Height

Extra Large Medium - 170mm Diameter | 190mm Height

Extra Large Tall - 150mm Diameter | 260mm Height

Bottle - 100mm Diameter | 430mm Height

These are artisan produced goods. Due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product. For details on current stock please contact us via email or phone (03) 6331 5506.  Please follow this link to lodge a commission request. 

Photo credit: Design Tasmania 2020

“I’ve always held a deep regard for the commitment that makers make to understand their materials and process. I’m intrigued by the relationship between available technology, human dexterity and practical ingenuity. I’m interested in how these factors interplay as critical aspects of the evolution of contemporary craft and object making.” – Peter Bowles