Geoffrey Cameron Marshall: Demi Conus Floor Lamp

Geoffrey Cameron Marshall: Demi Conus Floor Lamp


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Seeking to blend aesthetics with functionality, Geoffrey Cameron Marshall’s work is inspired by his early interest in the visual arts and refining ideas around form and translating them into functional design pieces. 

Drawing inspiration from natural forms and combining new technology with traditional techniques Marshall creates pieces that acknowledge the past whilst looking to the future. The resulting objects are hand-finished and assembled ensuring quality and artistic integrity. 

The pared-back elegance of a seashell provides inspiration for the sculptural form of the Conus Range. The elegant component-based design provides the versatility to utilise a range of materials whilst maintaining the integrity of the original concept. 

Materials Tasmanian Oak  

From $3950 

Dimensions: 400mm Diameter | 1700mm High | Base: 600mm | 400mm.

This item is hand made in Tasmania and available for custom order.

Photo credit: Design Tasmania, 2020.