Diane Allison: The Jean Genie Necklace

Diane Allison: The Jean Genie Necklace

Reminiscent of a twisted strand of DNA, carrying genetic messages to the wearer, The Jean Genie necklace consists of threaded and entwined light blue and denim blue guitar picks.

Di Allison draws inspiration from the poetics and materiality of music, drawing on the imagery and song title of the famous David Bowie track.

Materials: Guitar Plectra, Glass Beads, Wire, Sterling Silver. 

Dimensions: 50mm Width | 205mm Diameter

Photo Credit: Courtesy of the artist

“Within those deceptively short moments, many of life’s experiences are contained amidst a swirl of human emotions. Like jewellery, it can feel part of us and be something we hold near." - Di Allison