Crickhollow Pottery: Crystal Flat Top Vase

Crickhollow Pottery: Crystal Flat Top Vase

“The crystal formed in the glazes on these pots are zinc silicate (willmenite) and are produced by ensuring that there is an appropriate large amount of zinc and silica in the glaze makeup and then carefully controlling the firing cycle. The kiln is first taken up to a temperature where the glaze melts and then dropped approximately 150 degrees to a stage where the glaze is viscous but not runny. At this point the temperature is held fairly constant for several hours to enable the crystals to grow. Slight variations in the temperature’s rise and fall during this holding period creates rings and halos. 

The different colours are created using various metal oxides in the glaze mix - cobalt for blue, copper for green, titanium for white and so on. The aspect of crystal glazes that often fascinates potters is the unpredictability of the process. Each kiln firing produces different results frequently with many failures. Every piece is therefore quite unique and unrepeatable.”

- Rynne

The vase pictured is a No. 5 in Dark Blue

These are artisan produced goods. Due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product.


Photo Credit: Design Tasmania