Crickhollow Pottery: Dark Alchemy Fruit Bowl

Crickhollow Pottery: Dark Alchemy Fruit Bowl

“In making up a glaze recipe potters often use calcium carbonate as a material that helps to melt the main ingredient of silica and also adds to the hardness of the glaze. However, calcium is often regarded as a ‘turncoat’ material because a small amount will help the melting process but above a certain percentage it does the opposite and makes the glaze refractory. In between the too little and too much there is a narrow percentage when it has the effect of making the glaze shrink and crawl a little to  give an interesting texture. That’s where I am with a little iron, chrome and manganese to give me the dark colour. A little bit of playing with alchemy!”
- Rynne Tanton

Dimensions: 370mm diameter x 110mm deep

Image courtesy of the designer