Christina Graham: Planting Guide Calendar 2022

Christina Graham: Planting Guide Calendar 2022

A hand-illustrated monthly planting guide for the Temperate region of Australia.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables at home has a lot of benefits. It gives you access to seasonal produce straight from the garden, Knowing what to plant and when is a challenge. Australia has a diverse and varied climate, this means that depending on where you live dictates what to plant and when.

Forth Edition for 2022.

This project started when Christina was looking personally for a planting guide online. She found it very hard to locate the relevant information in an easy to understand and clear format.

Her aim was to start focusing more on growing her own vegetables and herbs at home. She thought it would also be beneficial to turn this research into something that other people could also use and benefit from.


Due to the handmade nature of this product, your item may not have the exact markings and colouration shown in these photos. 


Wall Calendar Size: 300 x 210 mm (Open: 600 x 210)

Printed on recycled paper.

Image credit: courtesy of the artist.