Chris Mitchell: Wine Bottle Coaster


Chris Mitchell: Wine Bottle Coaster

The Wine Coaster is the perfect blend of practical and aesthetic. The unique design not only protects the surface underneath but also adds a modern touch to the display holding your wine bottle and a wine glass.

Chris Mitchell is a trained traditional hand woodturner with over 30 years of experience. His large range of kitchen and display items are expertly crafted from Tasmanian wood.
Available in various Tasmanian timbers.

Materials: Sassafras, Blackwood, Huon Pine or Myrtle.

Dimensions: 155mm Diameter

These are artisan produced goods. Due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product. For details on current stock please contact us via email or phone (03) 6331 5506.

Photo Credit: Design Tasmania 2020