Brad Moss: Planet Series
Brad Moss: Planet Series


Brad Moss: Planet Series

Hobart artist Brad Moss is a second-generation wood turner with almost 30 years in the industry, constantly pushing the boundaries of his craft.
A feature of Moss’ works is their ability to transcend any setting. Complementing both traditional and contemporary homes, this unique work adds as a signature piece in any space.

Brad Moss has exhibited three times in the gallery space at Design Tasmania in 2007, Beyond in 2013 and Beyond 2.0 in 2018. Explore more of Moss’ work at the Design Tasmania store, featuring his unique take on wood turning and response to local and international phenomena over the years.

Materials: Huon Pine


Small - 110mm Diameter

Medium - 160mm Diameter

Large - 200mm Diameter

Extra Large - 300mm Diameter

These are artisan produced goods due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product. For details on current stock please contact us via email phone (03) 6331 5506 . Click here to lodge a request for commission.

Photo Credit: Design Tasmania 2020

"The sphere is the perfect form. It is regarded as the Symbol of Life. With this in mind I have created the Planet Series." - Brad Moss