Brad Moss: Burnt + Painted Rim Bowls
Brad Moss: Burnt + Painted Rim Bowls

Brad Moss: Burnt + Painted Rim Bowls


Hobart artist Brad Moss draws on his own life experience and exceptional woodworking techniques, creating one a kind pieces. 


These bowls are turned green and left to dry before being finished with a burn technique and painted.  
By choosing to turn the wood while it is still green, Moss creates a very unique effect as the wood dries and changes.  While turning the green wood, great consideration is taken as to where the wood will expand and contract once dry.  This creates a finished shape that is abstract but still symmetrical.  


Once dry the bowls are burnt on the outside using traditional techniques.  Moss finishes these pieces with a touch of paint around the rim of the bowl creating a striking piece with a ceramic look to it.   


Due to the way these bowls are created no two are the same, the dimensions are approximate.  If you require additional information on any of the pieces or would like to purchase the bowls as a set, please contact us.


Timber: Musk

Small: 115mm-130mm Diameter | 90mm - 95mm High
Large: 160mm Diameter | 105mm High

These are artisan produced goods. Due to the handmade nature of the work, variations will occur from product to product.  These are one of a kind products and only available as listed.  

Photo Credit: Design Tasmania 2021