Aly Peel: Jumper Scrap Quilt

Aly Peel: Jumper Scrap Quilt

Materials: Wool, small amounts of Angora, Cashmere, Metal, Polyester Thread

Dimensions: 145(h) x 107(w) mm

Aly Peel holds a BA in Fashion Design and established her design practice and label, Maiike in 1999. Maiike has two distinct elements– clothing and soft things, but just one philosophy: to perfect, simplify and evolve.

“I want to perfect the simple things I make. I want the next one to always be better. 

Making is very important to me. It informs and develops my design. The visual and tactile textures of the materials I use is integral to the success of each piece. The impulse to touch, the feeling of when something is worn and the emotional response to the colours are the things I’m always trying to consider when working in my studio.”

Photo Credit: Emily Dimozantos, 2021.