Dale Hardiman + ACV Studio: Pin #7 Simon Ancher Studio

Dale Hardiman + ACV Studio: Pin #7 Simon Ancher Studio

Materials: Brass, Tasmanian Oak
Dimensions: 100(l) x 35(w) mm

Friends are a collection of pins designed and made by ACV Studio from conversations and materials shared with Dale Hardiman from other creative friends from Tasmania and greater Australia.

The Friends pins are a reminder that although during COVID we have been physically separated, we are a supportive community of creative practitioners. The pins can be worn day-to-day, or during video calls as a symbol of sharing and community during isolation.

"Tasmanian oak bespoke project cutlery drawer insert off-cut. Sectional off-cuts are often kept on the shelf as a source of inspiration for future projects." 

~ Simon Ancher

Photo Credit: courtesy of the artist; Emilly Dimozantos, 2021.