Anita Dineen: Antechinus Knife
Anita Dineen: Antechinus Knife

Anita Dineen: Antechinus Knife

Due to unprecedented demand, the Antechinus Knife is currently out of stock, please contact us to lodge an enquiry. 

Winning the Vogue Alessi Award in 2014 propelled Tasmanian designer Anita Dineen onto the world stage. It was her unique pitch at Alberto Alessi that secured her award. ‘I arrived with a bottle of Tassie sparkling and wedge of Bettelmatt cheese so Alberto could experience the knife in action’.

The Antechinus Cheese Knife is inspired by its namesake, a long-nosed marsupial mouse native to Tasmania, Australia. Designer Anita Dineen’s sleek design takes form as a single piece of sweeping stainless steel that integrates blade to handle, creating an elegant and contemporary dining experience.


Dimensions: 180mm | 45mm

This item is hand made in Tasmania.


Photo credit: Emily Dimonzantos, Design Tasmania, 2020.