Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights
Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights
Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights
Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights
Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights

Duncan Meerding : Cracked Log Lights

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Duncan is a lighting and furniture Designer/Maker based in Tasmania, Australia. Much of his work is inspired by the natural environment. Concentration on overall form, rather than intense detailing, with an interest in how light performs through and around these forms and materials, is of interest to him. This light emanating from the periphery reflects the alternative sensory world in which he designs, being legally blind with less than 5% vision. 

Duncan tries to avoid quick-moving trends in his work but instead focusing on designing and making things to stand the test of time, both metaphorically and physically.  

Duncan has practised professionally as a Designer/Maker of lighting and furniture for 10 years.  In 2018 Duncan’s design the Stump light, won the ‘Darc Award, for best flor light of 2018’ and has had a range of exhibitions, including Euroluce in Milan in 2017 and 2019 and exhibiting at Venice Design 2018, an official satellite of the Venice Biennale.  

In 2019 Duncan was a Guest Teaching Fellow at the Bartlett School of Architecture and the Built Environment University College of London, at the world first pilot of Architecture Beyond Sight.  

Duncan has a keen interest in disability advocacy and human rights. 

The Cracked Log Lamps are made from salvaged logs which would otherwise have been burnt. These lamps embrace, rather than avoid the naturally occurring cracks in refuse logs. By turning them into a vessel for light, we can bring the outside in, and be reminded of our intrinsic connection with nature. 

The warm yellow light coming through each lamps unique light pattern highlights the fiery fate that the salvaged timber would have otherwise been exposed to.  

These lamps embrace the cracks often avoided in timber-based designs - pushing the light through the things often associated with darkness. Before turning on the Cracked Log Lamp, often a person would think it is purely just a log of wood. 

Materials: Salvaged Timber and light.

Dimensions: 230mm | 200mm.

From $385.00

This item is hand made in Tasmania and available for custom order.

Photo credit: Courtesy of the maker. 

Being legally blind, this vision of light emanating from the peripheries and the highly tactile nature of my work, reflect the alternative sensory world within which I design.” –Duncan Meerding