Alison O'Keeffe

Alison is a Launceston based designer/maker working from a jewellery studio in a tiny house trailer in her garden. She was born in Sheffield, UK and raised in Rome, Italy. After studying architecture at the University of Liverpool, UK, she travelled widely before settling in Tasmania, where she practiced building design in the Tamar Valley for twenty years. After a chance encounter with jeweller, teacher and mentor, she was inspired to shift the focus of her work, studying traditional silversmithing techniques at TAFE for 4 years, culminating in a Diploma of Visual Arts. She is currently expanding her multi-disciplinary arts practice further, studying fine arts at the University of Tasmania.

There is often a duality represented in Alison’s work.

“We are all products of our environment

I have been seduced by this island’s pristine solitary beaches, ancient forests and piercing sunlight. Equally the beauty of the eternal city where I grew up, the chaos, the overwhelming mismatch of elegance and decay, has permanently affected me.

Whilst my lifelong concern with architecture and problem solving may be evident in my jewellery’s attention to form structure and detail, my work is mainly about pleasure.

My practice is process driven, often celebrating the beauty that emerges through heat patina and oxidisation during the act of creation. I enjoy the overlap between jewellery and printmaking, often using the etched plate as a foundation for both objects and graphic outcomes.”


Her unique works are about celebrating traditions, connections and the making of memories.