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We talk to glass designer Christine Hannan about the journey to her current creative practice and how this is inspired by living in Tasmania. 

What if your favourite piece that you have made. What is your favourite from the work we stock of you?

My Favourite work would be my glass Moment bowls that were in the Design Tasmania, Top Ten Awards in 2017. I made versions of these bowls after completing my BCA at the UTAS and they marked the start of my independence as designer/artist.

What has been your pathway to becoming a designer? 

After teaching Art in schools for many years I decided that I wanted to pursue my own artistic growth.  I enrolled into UTAS as a mature-age student and studied Ceramics and Glass.  Being taught rather than being the teacher was a wonderful experience that I will always treasure.  The teachers, students and artists that I met in this environment inspired me to continue working as an artist in my home studio.

Tell us about your practice currently and what brought you to this stage. 

I am currently working from my home studio in Hobart after spending time working in Launceston and Brisbane.

In Brisbane I didn’t have access to a glass kiln so I decided to join a printmaking studio and while I was there I worked with lino printing. I enjoyed the 3 dimensional, textural qualities that lino printing has and using this medium seemed a natural direction for me in my arts practice. 

I have always been interested in combining art mediums. I combined the mediums of glass and ceramics during my MCA studies and I am currently still continuing to combine the mediums of glass with printmaking and painting. 


what do you feel is significant about designing work?  What is it about this process that you are drawn to?

When designing I aim for simplicity and clean lines and shape.  I enjoy the constraints and parameters that challenge me when designing and creating a functional object.

What are some themes that recur for you?

Recurrent themes for me are found in the patterns of the natural environment.  The linear markings of the physical environment, which are made from the natural processes of wind, rain, heat and tide movements, are the starting point for my work. 

These environmental forces of wind, rain, heat and tidal movements, that change and create the Tasmanian landscape, are also integral to the making process of my work.  Within the studio I investigate and work with this parallel.  The heat of the kiln determines the final outcome of the piece; the lower the temperature, the more texture is achieved, the higher the temperature the more transparent the glass becomes.

How do you feel being based in Tasmania impacts in your creative direction?

Living on an island surrounded by water and with easy access to a pristine, natural environment has enabled my artistic perspective to grow and flourish. 

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Image credit: courtesy of Christine Hannan, Peter Whyte Photography and Design Tasmania. 

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